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Top link-building services to help drive more traffic

If you find link building a little challenging, then you are in great luck. Stay tuned as we will be breaking down white hat link-building tactics and strategies to help your business reach more organic traffic. You can make use of two link-building services to help make you reach your SEO goals much sooner. is a platform that acts as a link between webmasters who are ready to publish your content on their blog and backlink seekers. This service has excellent user-friendly features and will solve all your blogger outreach problems. is another guest posting platform for editorial links. It consists of a network of bloggers who will link back to you in exchange for great content.


Here are the best white hat SEO link-building strategies:


Guest posting – In exchange for content, you will gain powerful and high-quality editorial backlinks. Guest posting is one of the top white link-building strategies as it helps you gain a position as the authority in your niche and also helps promote your brand and business. Once your posts get published, you will receive highly targeted traffic to your website once people start clicking on the link in the webmaster’s blog.


Resource pages – This is nothing but writing detailed resources on trending topics that are helpful and will help you save time and also earn you good quality links for free. When you write content it should be so captivating that it helps your audience in some way or the other. Also, you should be using relevant hashtags when you share on social media that will attract more organic leads to your website even before it gets a good ranking on Google.


Infographics– Promoting and creating infographics is yet another powerful strategy that can drive more traffic to your website, boost your SEO and improve your domain authority. If you create an infographic that focuses on a trending topic and has all the important data visualizations and stats, it can entice people to share your infographic with others.


Parasite websites– With low to medium competition keywords you can claim one of the top spots in Google because parasite websites have a high domain authority in Google.


Broken link building – When you fix other people’s broken links you will get a free backlink. If this strategy is executed properly, you will get some high-quality editorial backlinks. All you got to do is do some research and find out any bloggers who have articles published with broken links in them due to typos. You can get in touch with them and notify the issue and offer your website URL as a replacement.


YouTube – Video distribution sites like YouTube are excellent tools to get your content out there and for generating some relevant backlinks too. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine that focuses solely on video content. You can not only leave a link under every video you post but also get a wide number of organic traffic directed to your website. If you are camera-shy, you can still post a captivating video by using a few PowerPoint slides or a voice-over on an image background. You can produce something in a matter of minutes with just a decent microphone.


Press releases – The main idea is to raise brand awareness with PR articles where you can score some high authority follow backlinks. When writing these, keep in mind who you are trying to reach? What message you are conveying? When will it be launched?


Q&A websites – This under-utilized yet powerful tool can really help you grow your business online. It helps you leave a link inside your profile and answers, and if your answers are genuinely helpful, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Some leading Q&A websites are LinkedIn Answers and Quora. You cannot just throw your website’s URL on the platform as direct linking to sales pages and products are not recommended. Just find out common questions and write a blog post on your website that addresses their concerns from different angles and subtly mention to them that they can find more details on your blog. 


Blog commenting – It will help you establish a brand in your niche and make your backlink profile more diverse. To be successful with blog commenting, first, you have to find relevant blogs in your niche and be the first one to comment. You may even receive some direct links to your website. Just make sure your comment does contribute something valuable to the discussion.


Wrap Up:

Consider using some of the above-mentioned link-building strategies and services to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. You can reach out to us anytime for more information and details. We have some of the best team on board to help you with all digital marketing needs.

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